Monday, October 4, 2021

It is NOT Necessarily Beyond Repair.

There was a time not so long ago that when you got into a car accident your car was considered to be “totaled.” It was a catch-all mantra. After six decades in the business of auto body repair in Louisville the second-generation owners of The Don Embry Auto Body know that it is simply no longer true as often as it used to be!

Repairing your vehicle and returning it to the area highways and byways of the Louisville area is proud to feature unibody repair. That is simply this…the frame and body are one single structure. Fortunately, most modern cars have this type of construction. At The Don Embry Body Shop, they specialize in unibody repair.

Whenever an auto collision befalls your family, count on the Embry family at The Don Embry Body Shop located at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville. They have been returning cars to Louisville roads since patriarch Don began doing it in 1962. Call (502) 935-1373 and see their quality work at

Wednesday, September 15, 2021

The Art of Aluminum Welding.

Make no mistake when The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville makes aluminum repairs to your injured vehicle it is an art! It all begins with state of the art tools that were foreign to our founder, Don, decades ago. Today they are part of the day-in day-out operation.

These are costly tools which are necessary in order to do specialized types of welding jobs. You can be assured with confidence that our service technicians here at The Don Embry Body Shop attend factory training and we purchase all the specific tools that are necessary for the job.

The Don Embry Body Shop has been located at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville. Our founder, Don Embry, opened an auto body repair shop in 1962 and we have been serving the area ever since. If you need us, please call (502) 935-1373. You may visit our website at

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

We Were an Essential Business that Stayed Open Throughout the Pandemic.

You know why? Because when your vehicle is damaged in an accident you need it repaired ASAP! That is why The Don Embry Body Shop has been serving the Louisville area for six decades. We get people back on the roadways of the Louisville area as quickly as possible.

Just remember that when a collision occurs it will probably cause damage beneath the surface. We proudly specialize in all types of vehicle accident repairs. What does that include? Well, how about suspension, the framework, the trunk, the hood, or the fender in addition to door hinges and more.

You can count on us at The Don Embry Body Shop just as you have for sixty years and even during Covid-19. We repair auto body damage the right way…guaranteed! If you want the job done right give The Don Embry Body Shop a call at (502) 935-1373, or have it towed into 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville. You’ll find us online at

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Our Goal is to Make it Look Like it Never Happened.

Isn’t that the idea? If your beloved vehicle has been in an accident, you want it to be restored to a like-new look. For sixty years that has been our mission at The Don Embry Body Shop, located at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville.

That is the object of paintless dent repair. It is a method of removing the minor dents that have occurred in a collision to the body of your car. You might be surprised how much damage can be repaired using paintless dent repair as long as the paint surface has remained intact. Paintless dent repair may be used on both aluminum and steel panels.

The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville specializes in paintless dent repair and many other auto body repair techniques. The full story of their rich tradition may be found by visiting Just call (502) 935-1373 when you need them.

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Repairing Frame Damage.

If the accident you have is severe enough, then frame damage repair may be necessary. The Don Embry Body Shop is just the place to have frame straightening done in Louisville. The fact is, today’s modern vehicles are actually designed so that the frame crumples upon impact.

The Don Embry Body Shop utilizes a frame straightening machine that operates by using hydraulics and chains to pull the distorted frame back into its original shape. A vehicle’s frame is straightened then the vehicle will be raised up on the platform and fixed in place. It works like magic!

For frame straightening, and all types of vehicle body repair including painting, trust The Don Embry Body Shop located at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville. After nearly six decades this family-owned business does the job right EVERY time! Call them at (502) 935-1373 and visit on the web. 

Monday, July 19, 2021

Aluminum and Steele…Two Important Components in our Industry.

Here at The Don Embry Body shop we have evolved with the times for sixty years. That includes the use of aluminum panels and components in vehicles. Auto manufacturers adopted this practice to combat heavy steel parts in the various makes and models. This helps vehicles test for specific emissions classes. It makes them eco-friendlier, with better gas mileage.

We know that aluminum auto body repair is a bit trickier than steel repair. There are many factors that figure into this, but maintaining cleanliness in the repair is the most challenging part. It is a fact that when steel gets embedded into the aluminum, it corrodes, causing potentially irreparable damage.

The Don Embry Body Shop has stayed one of Louisville’s top choices for auto body work for six decades by learning and growing. See how we handle everything from auto body painting to damaged bumpers at Call for an appointment at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville (502) 935-1373.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Repair or Replace…It Is a Good Question.

Like with so many things, whether to replace an item entirely or repair it becomes an important question. It could be a water heater, or your home’s air conditioning, it could be a dental decision, and it could even be your car’s bumper. The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville will give you a fair and honest assessment of whether to repair or replace.

Some things you can look for when determining if a bumper should be replaced not repaired –

1.  The bumper is visibly cracked.

2.  Major paint damage is clearly visible.

3.  After inspection, it is clear that the hooks of the bumper are damaged.

Let the professional auto body repair team at The Don Embry Body Shop determine the extent of damage to your bumper after an accident on the roads around Louisville. For nearly 60 years people of the Louisville area have trusted The Don Embry Body Shop to get them back on the road as good as new. See examples of their exceptional work at