Monday, January 14, 2019

Black Ice = Danger.

Black ice in the Louisville area is a secret nemesis.  It is that thin, almost unnoticeable sheet of ice that forms when cold weather meets wet weather.  Even when the temperature is above freezing black ice can form.  The air suddenly warms after a prolonged warm spell, but the surface of the road is well below the freezing mark.

If you see black ice on the roadway as you are approaching you will probably run into it.  Your first reaction as a driver should be to remain calm.  DO NOT hit the brakes!  That means don’t even tap them.  Allow your vehicle to pass over the ice, and naturally try to reduce your speed before you hit the ice itself.

Even the most cautious among us may have a black ice related accident this winter.  If it requires auto body repair in the Louisville area, we understand.  We are The Don Embry Body Shop serving the Louisville area with auto body repair work for well over five decades.  Just give us a call at (502) 935-1373, or if you can, drive into our shop at 8272 Dixie Highway. 

16 Louisville Events & Happenings: January 2019

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"January is a great time to hit the reset button in your life. It’s a time to be inspired and a time to try new things — especially new experiences! And Louisville is chock-full of unforgettable events this month."


Wednesday, January 2, 2019

The Importance of a Test Weld.

Within the auto body repair industry there has been a lot of discussion over the subject of “test welds”.  It is done prior to performing the actual task.  For example, there may be vehicle-specific variables that could increase or decrease the amount of welding machine set-up time and pre-weld preparation needed.

Paint departments in body shops for decades have been a perfect example of what has become a standard test procedure.  It is not normal practice to read a color code, go to the mix computer, type in the code, select the first variant that pops up, then mix the paint and paint the vehicle, expecting it to match perfectly.

Times change and when you have been in business for well over half a century you need to change with them.  That is what we do at Don Embry Body Shop.  From the beginning of the Mustang until now Don Embry Body Shop has served the auto body repair needs of the greater Louisville area.  Just give us a call and experience that for yourself at (502) 935-1373.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

New Years Eve Louisville 2019

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"2019 New Year's Eve in Louisville features some of the best parties, events and things to do. Everything from Fireworks in Louisville Kentucky to Rooftop parties, fancy dinners, midnight cruises and so much more. All taking place throughout the Louisville area."


Friday, December 14, 2018

Are You Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Well, unfortunately if you live in the Louisville area history is NOT on your side.  You can’t argue with the National Weather Service.  They indicate that on December 25th there are at best only trace amounts of snowfall.  Lately, global warming or not, we are batting a big fat zero in the snowfall department!

However, it was not that long ago that the Louisville area was in gridlock.  The year was 2009.  You can look it up.  There were miles long traffic jams from a Winter storm that hit before Christmas Day and stayed on the ground through the 25th.  Now, if you travel north to parts of Indiana your snow fix could be satiated.

What will 2018 be like in the Louisville and Tri-State area?  Whatever the weather report says, we here at Don Embry Body Shop hope that you and yours will have a safe, memorable Holiday season.  Rest assured we will be here to serve your auto body repair needs in 2019.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from The Don Embry Body Shop.  

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Winter Break Camps Louisville

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"Looking for winter break camps for your kids? The kids are out of school for two weeks!  Why not send them to one of these amazing camps to bounce, run, and maybe even learn a little bit?"