Monday, August 15, 2022

What is Rack and Pinion?

We have pretty much all heard of rack and pinion steering, but what if it gets damaged in a collision? What happens next? Here is a quick definition of rack and pinion steering…it is a vehicle component that enables the wheels to move from side to side as you turn the steering wheel. The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville knows just what to do when yours is damaged.

Here is some of what the pros at The Don Embry Body Shop will look for –

1.  The steering wheel has tightened up.

2.  There is a leak in the power steering fluid.

3.  When they steer, there is a grinding sound.

4.  A smell of burning oil.

The Don Embry Body Shop, located at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville, has pretty much seen it all in sixty years since their late patriarch Don founded the shop. If you have been in a car accident, please call The Don Embry Body Shop at (502) 935-1373. To learn more of what they do, see

Monday, August 1, 2022

The Proper Paint Job for your Vehicle.

A good paint job involves three stages of painting your car properly. A three-stage paint job actually takes more than three processes, not counting the final paint job. Calculating the stages of an automobile paint job includes the number of times the surface of your vehicle has been painted with a different color. The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville are car painting experts.

Here are 3 basic painting stages –

1.  Preparing the surface is just as important as the painting itself.

2.  Primer must be applied to your vehicle.

3.  The proper application of each coat.

When you need your car painted in Louisville, call The Don Embry Body Shop. They have been painting and repairing cars since 1962. That is a time-honored period of expertise. Call The Don Embry Body Shop at (502) 935-1373. You can also drive or have your car towed to 8272 Dixie Highway. Auto painting is just one small part of what they do at