Thursday, May 24, 2018

What is PDR?

It could stand for pretty darn remarkable, couldn’t it?  In one sense, that is exactly what it is.  PDR in this case stands for paintless dent repair (not proper drink run…just in case you look it up on Urban Dictionary).  So, what is PDR, who does it, when is it needed, and what are the results of PDR done right?

Paintless dent repair which is also known as paintless dent removal is an environmentally-friendly repair method which (when done by a pro) will restore a vehicle’s body to factory-like condition in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost.  I like that!  Less cost, no environmental impact, and a new-looking vehicle.

PDR is one of the many tricks of the trade used by Don Embry Body Shop.  They have been Louisville’s premier dent removal body shop for more than five and a half decades.  The tradition continues, but they never stop learning.  Experience the results of a truly professional body shop located at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville by calling (502) 935-1373.

Memorial Day Weekend in Louisville

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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Some of the Tools of the Trade.

Until we need auto body repair to restore our baby to pre-accident condition we don’t think much about the tools that are used to do the job well.  You don’t need to meet the chicken, you just want to enjoy a plate of scrambled eggs!  We get it, we just wanted you to know some of the tools we use to get back on the road looking better than ever.

Here are some of our tools of the trade –

1.  The best air compressor money can buy.
2.  A dual action sander.
3.  Sanding blocks.
4.  A slide hammer and stud welder.
5.  A Body filler.

At Don Embry Body Shop we’ll be happy to explain these tools and others so that you know exactly what to expect when you bring your damaged vehicle to us.  We are Louisville’s full-service auto body repair shop serving the area for well over half a century.  Give us a call and come into our shop located at 8272 Dixie Highway.  That number is (502) 935-1373.

Mother's Day Louisville 2018

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