Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Aluminum Welding.

This is an integral part of what we do.  When we weld aluminum, we must take care to clean the base material and remove any aluminum oxide and hydrocarbon contamination from oils or solvents.  Aluminum oxide located on the surface melts at 3700 degrees while the base material underneath melts at about 1200 degrees.

Tungsten inert gas (or…TIG) welding is the primary method used to weld aluminum.  The aluminum work piece requires a lot of heat to get up to temperature.  Metal inert gas (or…MIG) welding can be successfully used to weld aluminum as well.  The welder must decide whether spray arc welding or pulse welding methods will be used.

It is a science and one that we have mastered at Don Embry Body Shop in Louisville.  When we opened under the name of our patriarch Don things were very different in the auto body repair business.  We have grown with the times and now employ the very best welders in the Louisville area.  When you need us just call (502) 935-1373 or stop by at 8272 Dixie Highway.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

The Backbone of any Great Business.

What is it?  Longevity, for sure (well over a half-century) and counting.  Family owned…ditto.  And, above all, testimonials from satisfied customers.  If we listed all of the rave reviews we have received since 1962 you would be fatigued reading them all, so if you will indulge us, here are some of the recent testimonials.

“I have been thoroughly impressed with the repairs you made to the damaged floor…of my Volkswagen Jetta”.  “You went up and beyond of what anyone could expect”.  “Thanks for the awesome job everyone did on the truck.  I couldn’t be happier with the repairs”.  And the hits just keep on coming!.

We are The Don Embry Body Shop.  We are humbled by the response that we have received from three generations of customers in the Louisville area.  In the future, we will attempt to earn the respect of yet another generation.  For the very best in auto body repair in the Louisville area you can count on us…The Don Embry Body Shop at 8272 Dixie Highway.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

What Body Shops Won’t Tell You.

I’ll bet you did not expect to see this coming from this post, but we want you to know some of the things you might hear when your vehicle is damaged in a collision.  They are not always the truth and nothing but the truth.  Read between the lines when an auto body repair shop tells you something that they want you to take at face value.

Here are some of those things –

1.  A fender bender is always a major expense
2.  Approved shops are beholden to the insurance company
3.  You don’t necessarily need OEM parts
4.  A due date means little or nothing
5.  A shop needs to know everything about the make and model of your car

We at The Don Embry Body Shop have heard most of the horror stories from our customers who have talked to others.  That is how we have stood the test of time.  For 57 years we have served the Louisville area with professionalism and integrity.  If you have a need for collision repair or auto painting please stop by 8272 Dixie Highway or call (502) 935-1373.