Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It’s the Little Extras that Matter.

Isn’t that always the case in business?  So many times, it is the attention to every detail that makes you want to be a loyal customer of that firm.  For example, the bank gives the kids (we’re all kids in this case) a sucker.  The restaurant hands you a 15% off coupon good for your next visit to their establishment.

At The Don Embry Body Shop we have learned over the last half-century plus that people who live in Louisville and the surrounding area like thoughtful amenities.  We wish that were true at Churchill Downs when your horse loses by a nose!  Do you need a rental car?  Let us know.  Does your vehicle need to be picked up?

Maybe some body shops don’t bring up those Q&A’s when you need to know the answers, but we are always trying to make your experience more tolerable.  Nobody looks forward to auto body repair.    For the most painless experience you could possibly have after a car accident in the Louisville area please call us at The Don Embry Body Shop (402) 935-1373.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Mommy, Where Does Auto Paint Come From?

This is not likely to be a question that your wide-eyed daughter will ask you.  You may rarely need to even think about what is contained in auto paint and how it is administered.  Since you have trusted us with your vehicle (or intend to do so in the future) we want you to know more about our particular auto paint.

We specialize in Akzo Noble's Sikkens refinishing materials.  We believe it to be the best in the business of auto body repair.  Will it be necessary to use a clear-coat?  Almost certainly it will.  It makes the paint on your car shine.  The clear creates a chemical bond with the base color that makes it weather resistant.

When you have been around for more than 55 years as we have at The Don Embry Body Shop we have learned, retained, and grown.  We hire very, very carefully so that we can continue to provide the Louisville area with the best auto body repair.  Please give us a call at The Don Embry Body Shop.  That’s (502) 935-1373 or stop in at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville.