Monday, June 12, 2023

Beneath the Surface.

When an auto accident occurs in the greater Louisville area the damage can usually easily be seen. What about when there is damage you can’t see? That automotive damage could ruin your vehicle forever if not attended to. The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville pays close attention to what is going on beneath the surface.

Other things may be -


1.  Your car is out of alignment.

2.  Doors do not open and shut properly.

3.  Shocks and struts may wear out quicker.

4.  Safety…heaven forbid another collision occurs.

The professionals at The Don Embry Body Shop know exactly what to look for when a car in the Louisville area comes in for repairs. There is much more to auto body repair than JUST the body. After six decades The Don Embry Body Shop is acutely aware of that. In the aftermath of a car accident, call The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville at (502) 935-1373. See their magic at

Thursday, June 1, 2023

They Say Great Things about The Don Embry Body Shop.

Now and then we will revisit some of the comments that satisfied customers of The Don Embry Body Shop say in the aftermath of their experience. Keep in mind that over sixty years they have received dozens upon dozens of quality reviews and comments. If you have an auto accident in the Louisville area, it is comforting to remember some of these.

A couple of those satisfied customers said the following…"We…thank you for the wonderful job you did on our car." (That seems pretty “cut and dried” doesn’t it?) Here is another written testimonial. “I just wanted to say thanks for the awesome job everyone did on our truck”.

We kept it simple here, because that is what The Don Embry Body Shop does. They keep the job of restoring your vehicle to the roads of Louisville simple! If you are in a car accident in the Louisville area, you should know that you can trust the auto body repair experts at The Don Embry Body Shop. Just call (502) 935-1373. Don’t forget to visit