Monday, December 4, 2017

We Work with Everyone!

That is comforting to see on the surface…isn’t it?  Any business or any individual, for that matter who will be flexible and meet your needs is probably someone you would like to work with.  In the auto body repair business that phrase “we work with everyone” has multiple meanings.  It is important that they work with any and ALL insurance companies.

Way too often, you encounter a situation whereby you are dictated as to which car repair shop MUST do the work.  Never let that be the case!  You want a body shop that will work with all companies.  Do you need a car rental or a ride home?  How long has that body shop been in business?

The answer is always Don Embry Body Shop.  The professionals at Don Embry have served all of the Louisville area for over half a century.  We will take care of all the particulars and work in concert with your insurance company to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.  If you need us we are always here at 8272 Dixie Highway.  Call (513) 935-1373.