Tuesday, November 9, 2021

What Happens to the Airbag in your Car after a Collision?

There is no question that the first order of business after an auto accident is to make sure everyone gets the proper medical attention. After that, your attention turns to the auto body repair shop that will repair your vehicle. One of the things that cannot be repaired and must be replaced is an airbag that has been deployed.

The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville will do the following –

1.  They will immediately replace used airbags.

2.  They may have to remove or replace the steering wheel to keep everything in proportion.

3.  Sections of the dashboard may need to be replaced.

4.  The seats or other parts of the car will be inspected as well.

Suffice to say that when you trust The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville to repair your vehicle you will receive state of the art experience. The Don Embry Body Shop is located at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville. See their remarkable work at the donembrybodyshop.com.

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Scratches and Dents in your Vehicle…Let Me Know the Ways.

There are pebbles flying all around the road. In the parking areas there are runaway shopping carts, or how about this one…you don’t have enough space to open your door. Those are just some of the numerous reasons why a car might get a dent or scratch. If the paint has chipped, the exposed metal may rust and the cracked surface will likely continue to deteriorate.

Here are some of the steps we employ at The Don Embry Body Shop –

1.  We clean the surface thoroughly of all grime.

2.  Then we sand and prime the dent.

3.  The color is first matched visually.

4.  An undercoat must be applied.

5.  At the end we apply a top coat so that your car shines like new.

We have one goal at The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville. That is to return your vehicle to you looking like new. You see, we have been doing this for nearly 60 years and we have all of the latest auto body repair technology. See the full story at donembrybodyshop.com. Call us for all auto body repair work in Louisville at (502) 935-1373.