Friday, July 14, 2023

Experience Plus Affordability.

Those two words are paramount when trusting someone to repair one of your most valuable possessions…your vehicle. Putting it back together to make it look like new (and roadworthy, of course) is the prevue of the top experts at The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville. It has been that way for six decades.

Here is what goes into great body work on your car -


1.  Custom paint.

2.  Repairing your car’s frame.

3.  Paying attention to ALL of the details of the accident.

All of these factors and more go into the complete body repair of your vehicle after an accident in the Louisville area. The Don Embry Body Shop has prided itself on its work since 1962. Family-ownership and experience plus affordability is what The Don Embry Body Shop is predicated on. Please call (502) 935-1373. Don’t forget to take a peek at

Monday, July 3, 2023

Three Coat Auto Painting.

Auto painting is a very special process that involves three coats of painting. Perhaps you are not aware of this, but the car painting experts at The Don Embry Body Shop take the three-step process very seriously. If you want your vehicle painted in the Louisville area, trust The Don Embry Body Shop to do it perfectly.

Here are those three stages -


1. They begin by applying an intermediate coat.

2. They choose the next coat very carefully…there are many choices.

3. The final clear coat provides sheen to the job.

When a paint expert at The Don Embry Body Shop steps back to look at the work, you can’t blame them for beaming with pride! Three steps…done just right are why you choose The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville for your vehicle’s paint job. Just call this number for an appointment (502) 935-1373. See their amazing work at