Tuesday, March 17, 2020

It’s One of the Miracles of Modern Auto Body Repair.

That might be the answer, but what is the question?  That would be “what is paintless dent repair”.  Dents are the result of minor automotive collisions.  It doesn’t take much impact for a mark to be left behind after a bump or accident.  A minor dent can be a major inconvenience for drivers since the repairs needed to remove the dent may be complicated and extensive.

What exactly is paintless dent removal?  It is when your vehicle experiences a dent - and instead of removing the damaged piece, installing a new stock piece and applying a fresh coat of paint to match your car’s color, our trained collision repair technicians attack the dent by using paintless dent removal.

It truly is something that our founding father, Don, could not have imagined when he opened our shop back in 1962.  A lot has evolved in those nearly six decades.  What is important to remember is that if you have any need for state-of-the-art auto body repair, please call us at The Don Embry Body Shop at (502) 935-1373 or stop by 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

When is it Time for Suspension Repair?

Most drivers in the Louisville area tend to judge their vehicle's suspension system solely on its ability to provide a smooth and comfortable ride.  After even a minor accident shocks and struts may need to be repaired help you to come to a safe stop quickly, and will also assist in making sure that you have maximum control over your vehicle as you go around tight corners.

Here are some signs that suspension repair is needed –

1.  Uneven wear on the tires.
2.  Drifting.
3.  Leakage in your car’s shocks.
4.  A bumpy ride.

These and other signs are a nearly sure indication that suspension work must be done on your vehicle to keep it safely on the road!  The right choice to do that work in the Louisville area are the trained auto body and suspension repair professionals at The Don Embry Body Shop right there at 8272 Dixie Highway.  Call for an appointment at (502) 935-1373.