Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Three Steps of Great Auto Body Restoration.

A car collision leaves your car at least dented, scratched, and it probably could use some auto body repair.  When you arrive at our auto body shop in Louisville, our technicians will carefully evaluate the exact locations and cause of your body damage.  They will need to determine which repair method will be most effective for resurrecting your vehicle.

Here are the three most common types of body repair –

1.  Paintless dent repair which has become a revelation in our business.
2.  Auto body filler…this is used for more serious problems.
3.  Bumper replacement when your front or back bumpers get disfigured.

Oh yes, need we mention a big part of this equation.  That is the intense pride we have repairing vehicles throughout Louisville for nearly six decades!  That’s right, The Don Embry Body Shop has been around since the early 60’s and during that time folks in and around Louisville have found us at 8272 Dixie Highway.  We plan on being there for many decades to come.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Matching Paint and Color is not just for Artists.

Put away your canvas and easel.  Matching colors and paints is also the purview of the best of the auto body repair technicians.  Collision repair technicians specialize in restoring vehicles to their natural, visually appealing styles.  The very best in the business will make your vehicle look like brand new!

Certain vehicles have custom paint jobs, which makes it difficult for collision repair technicians to find matching colors to complete their job.  We use a device called a spectrophotometer to properly identify the exact shade of the vehicle’s current color.  Using computer measuring systems, the paint color is replicated and applied over the damaged area.

Did you know it was that intricate?  It is routine for the auto body repair professionals at The Don Embry Body Shop in Louisville.  When dad opened the business well over a half-century ago, we didn’t have the modern technology that we do today.  Trust The Don Embry Body Shop as you have for over 55 years by calling (502) 935-1373.