Monday, July 5, 2021

Repair or Replace…It Is a Good Question.

Like with so many things, whether to replace an item entirely or repair it becomes an important question. It could be a water heater, or your home’s air conditioning, it could be a dental decision, and it could even be your car’s bumper. The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville will give you a fair and honest assessment of whether to repair or replace.

Some things you can look for when determining if a bumper should be replaced not repaired –

1.  The bumper is visibly cracked.

2.  Major paint damage is clearly visible.

3.  After inspection, it is clear that the hooks of the bumper are damaged.

Let the professional auto body repair team at The Don Embry Body Shop determine the extent of damage to your bumper after an accident on the roads around Louisville. For nearly 60 years people of the Louisville area have trusted The Don Embry Body Shop to get them back on the road as good as new. See examples of their exceptional work at

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