Friday, July 15, 2022

What Does Auto Body Repair Entail after an Accident?

There could be many things that your vehicle needs in the aftermath of an accident in the Louisville area. You are looking for honest advice as to what does and does NOT need to be done to get you back on the road better than ever. With six decades of experience, The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville is pledged to do that!

Some things your car may need are –


1.  Accident repair in general.

2.  Repair to your vehicle’s frame.

3.  Paint OR paintless repair.

4.  Maybe just a straightening of your bumpers.

It is what will be assessed by the pros at The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville the moment your vehicle arrives at their shop. When you have a car accident, make sure you call The Don Embry Body Shop at (502) 935-1373 and make an appointment at 8272 Dixie Highway in Louisville. See their history and their work at

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