Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Aluminum Welding…Nothing New Around Here.

The application of aluminum panels for automotive repairs in Louisville is something we have been practicing for years. Hoods and deck lids have been made with aluminum for years. Why should steel parts be replaced with aluminum? Well, it helps minimize weight levels which can help vehicles become road-worthy again.

Why is aluminum becoming so popular everywhere? The government will never stop putting stricter fuel economy requirements on cars. It is all about weight, so lightweight materials are going to become more and more common. While it can be more complicated to fix, the cost in fuel savings far outweighs the costs of repairs.

Rest assured…aluminum welding is NO challenge for the auto body repair professionals at The Don Embry Body Shop! Even though they have been around since the early 1960’s The Don Embry Body Shop of Louisville has always stayed ahead of the times. Read more about them by visiting donembrybodyshop.com and call (502) 935-1373 for an appointment.

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