Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Suspension is Primary in the Repair Business.

Your vehicle’s suspension system allows you to continue having a smooth ride and works hard to negotiate the often uneven road surfaces around the Louisville area. The suspension is part of the chassis and it is made up of springs, shock absorbers, struts, as well as linkages, bearings and ball joints.

When your suspension needs to be repaired here are some of the factors involved in the cost –


1.  The type of vehicle you are driving…the cost will be higher on luxury cars.

2.  You may require a wheel alignment after replacing suspension parts.

3.  Your good old insurance company.

4.  Where are you taking your vehicle for repair?

To that last point…how about taking it to The Don Embry Body Shop? Not only have they been around Louisville repairing cars since the Studebaker was popular, but they have a state-of-the-art repair rack. Staying on top of technology is what The Don Embry Body Shop is all about! Visit them on the web at and call (502) 935-1373.

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